OMG…the sauce is the best I’ve ever ever tasted and, it’s all natural!

Robin Snyder

Awesome, Awesome Sauce. It is one of kind delicious!!!!! I loved it. Probably so would you.

Best I have ever had!

Paul E.

It’s the best that Memphis has to offer!! Just try it for yourself.

Sharonda Kay Mitchell


“I’m quite familiar with the proprietor’s delectable, succulent, mouth-watering, “world famous” sauce that he is known for. But when you add a portion of it on top of a heaping of tender chicken [or any meat for that matter], you’ll experience a burst of heaven that soothes your taste buds. And if you don’t watch yourself, you just might become a glutton for more – it’s just that good. But don’t just take my word”. 

Wiley Henry

Doc Sauce is the best BBQ sauce I have ever had, no joke. I have been all across Memphis and the USA. This is the best!! 
WOW and OMG!!

Keith Payne